The Asus Flip c434 has a big chunk of room for storage, with two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0, and a microSD card slot.

It also has the same 13-inch 1080p IPS display as the Flip c431, which has a pixel density of 326ppi, and an Intel Core i5 processor, though the c434 is also available with a Core i7 model.

The Asus Flip has a slightly higher price tag than the Flip C431, at $1,999, but it’s more affordable than the Asus Zenbook Flip.

The Flip c435 is a bit cheaper, at about $1.1,000.

We don’t know what Asus plans to offer for the Flip, but the company did say that it will offer a range of new and classic designs in the future.

It doesn’t say which models are available, though.

The Flip C435 has a 14.3-inch IPS display, and is powered by Intel’s Core i6 processor.

It has an Intel HD 620 GPU, 4GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, and 32GB of internal storage.

It comes with a 3,200mAh battery, a 1,280mAh battery option, and two USB ports.

The C435 comes with the Asus Sync feature.

There is also a 3200mAh option.

The flip C435 ships with an HDMI port, a 3.5mm headset jack, a fingerprint reader, and one USB 3 port.

The display is also capable of [email protected] video.

We’ve also heard rumors about a Core M model with a quad-core CPU and Nvidia graphics.

That would be a great addition to the laptop, but we’ve yet to hear any official information about that.

We also haven’t heard much about the Asus Flip.

It is expected to be launched this year, but a few months after that, Asus might start shipping some models with the Zenbook UX31 platform.

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