Asus’ VGA graphics card is a big selling point for the company, so it’s no surprise that the company also makes an affordable gaming laptop.

The Asus VGA card offers more than 1TB of storage and can handle 1080p gaming at 60Hz at up to 2560×1600.

It also features a USB Type-C port, so you can connect any USB 3.0 device to the computer.

And it has a built-in webcam, which is perfect for capturing your gameplay footage.

The company also offers a range of accessories for the laptop, including the VGA-equipped keyboard and mouse, a headphone jack, and a battery charger.

You can also connect a 3D TV to the VGTK keyboard.

If you need to add an external monitor, Asus recommends the Asus VESA wall-mounting solution.

If you want to add a desktop, you can opt for the VESA-mount VGA laptop.

It offers up to 10 hours of battery life.

If your budget isn’t quite up to the demands of the gaming laptop, Asus offers an affordable alternative, the VEGA-LITE.

It’s still a gaming laptop in the vein of the VG248Q, but the Vega-lite’s screen is much brighter and has a larger bezel around the edge.

The VEGA LITE offers a 120Hz refresh rate, a 120-degree viewing angle, and an up to 15 hours of runtime.

If the budget doesn’t allow for the expense of an external display, Asus sells the VGE-Lite.

It features a 120hz refresh rate and up to 16 hours of HD playback.

You also get a USB-C connector, a microSD slot, and HDMI ports for connectivity.

The VGA gaming laptop is a great choice for those who want to try out a new gaming platform without the high price tag.

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