The Asus 3070 is one of the more interesting new laptop chargers we’ve seen.

The company is a Chinese OEM that’s been making high-end gaming laptops for years, but it’s also got some interesting products in the Asus range.

First up, the laptop charger has a 5W output, and it’s very small.

You get to plug it in at the bottom of the notebook, and you can also plug in the battery and the USB-C port if you’re using a mouse and keyboard, but for the most part it’s pretty much just an extension of the base Asus 3030.

That means you’ll be able to plug in a USB-A or USB-X cable for charging your notebook, a USB 3.0 port for charging a PC, and a microSD slot for expansion.

The company says it has a total of two different chargers in its lineup, with the 3070 charging in the middle and the 3080 in the top.

If you don’t want to use both, there’s also a 3080 with a USB 2.0 Type-C connector, which you’ll need to purchase separately.

The bottom half of the charger is a standard USB-T or Type-A port, while the top half has an additional USB 3 port and an Ethernet port.

The Asus 3020 is the least expensive of the two, at $199.99.

It’s also slightly smaller, at 5.25 inches wide and 2.2 inches deep.

If the 3020 and 3070 are what you’re looking for, the Asus 3050 might be your best bet.

The charging port on the Asus 6030 and 6040 is also a microUSB port, so you can plug it into your computer’s motherboard and plug in another USB-M, USB-W, USB 3, or Thunderbolt cable.

If your laptop doesn’t have a built-in charging port, you can buy the optional Intel Thunderbolt 2 adapter, which allows you to connect a USB drive to the dock.

The 3070 has a 12W output for charging at home or on the go, and there’s a 12.5W output that works for charging on the road.

That output is great for charging while commuting, or at home in the office, but we’d rather have a 12V output than a 10W output.

The 2560, 2760, and 2770 have a 2.5V output for home charging, and the 3570 has the same 2.4V output as the 3030, so the company says you can power it up to 10 hours.

The 3570 also has a USB Type-CS connector, but Asus says it’s a non-compatible connector.

There’s also the 3060, which has a 10-watt output.

That’s a little less than the 2560’s 11.5w output, but the company isn’t disclosing any specs about the charger itself.

It’ll work with any laptop that has an Intel Thunderbolt 3 port.

The 2560 and 2760 have a 10w output that also supports the USB Type C connector.

The 3070 and 3060 also have a USB3 port, which is a non-“compatible” connector.

The laptop charging dock itself isn’t new, and Asus hasn’t announced any plans to sell any of its other chargers, but you can expect to see the company add more chargers as its business grows.

We’ll be testing the 3050, 3070 with the Intel Thunderbolt adapter, and if it’s up to scratch, the 3040 with the USB 3-to-USB 3 adapter.

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