A few weeks ago, we wrote about a few of the more common issues people have had with their Asus Zephyrs.

We’re still working on getting a complete list up, so stay tuned.

But the Acer Chromebox and the ASUS Zeebo 3080 are the two most common complaints people have with them, and it’s a big problem.

We’ll break it down.

We already covered the Zeebobo 3080 here, but we’ll quickly get to the Acer Zephys here.

The Zephies are the most popular of all the Zephiers in terms of market share.

They are also the fastest-selling Chromebooks, according to the Asus website.

In a survey, one user said they bought the Zebos just to use it in the office.

They’re also one of the cheapest of all laptops.

They sell for about $1,000.

The Acer Chromecasts are a little more expensive, but they’re still much more versatile.

They can be used as tablets, but Asus said they can be configured as desktops too.

So, if you need to use the Chromecasters as a tablet, it’s worth buying them.

If you’re on a budget, you might want to stick with the Asus Zeebos.

They have a smaller screen and a slightly lower price tag, but a few features are still missing.

For example, you won’t be able to use USB Type-C to charge the Chromebos, but there’s a port on the back that can be plugged in.

Also, the Zees are still very thin and light, which means you can’t use a standard notebook case with them.

But, the Acer is still thinner and lighter and has the option to have an external keyboard.

The Asus Zees also have a faster processor, which could mean you can squeeze more out of your battery.

So it’s definitely worth checking out the Zebo, especially if you’re interested in a cheap Chromebook.

If you’re not interested in buying a Chromebook, but still want to save money, the Asus Chromebook 2560 and the Asus X1 Pro are also viable options.

But you can also get a good Chromebook for a much cheaper price.

We wrote about that earlier this month, but the Acer Chromebook 2561 has been around for a while.

If that doesn’t make you want to check out the Acer, the ASUS Chromebook 2562 and the Dell Chromebook 2555 are also cheaper.

The Dell also has a USB Type C port, but it’s not as quick to charge as the Acer.

The most expensive Chromebook we’ve tested is the ASUS X1, which has a starting price of $1,-399, and has a screen that’s just as good as the X1.

The Chromebook 2565, the other one, costs $1.99 more, but also has an upgraded Intel Core i5 processor.

We don’t recommend buying the Acer because it’s more expensive than the Asus, but if you do want a Chromebook for your office, you should definitely pick one up.

If that’s not enough to get you started, the Dell XPS 12 is another good Chromebook option.

It has a smaller display, but has a faster CPU, and is available with an SD card slot.

You can also upgrade your storage options, so you can store your apps and other files on your external hard drive.

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