When the Samsung VA27eH powered Chromebooks debuted in the mid-to-late 2012, they were among the first products from the tech giant to use the Chromebook charger model.

The first Chromebooks that used the model were the Asus G300 Chromebook, which shipped in March 2013, and the Dell Chromebook, launched in April of that year.

That meant that the Va27h powered models could not be used on Samsung Chromebooks, and Dell opted to use a proprietary charger for the model.

When Samsung released the first Va27b in the second half of 2014, they came equipped with a USB-C port that plugged into the VA27h, and it was the first model with a built-in Thunderbolt 3 port.

Samsung’s initial design didn’t include Thunderbolt 3 support, but Samsung’s VP of Product Design, Mark Chua, later said in an interview with Bloomberg that he believes the company should include it in future models.

Samsung then released the Va26h in September 2015, and while the company said at the time that it was still working out the kinks of Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, it did add a new USB-A port in the form of a USB 3.1 Type-C connector.

The Samsung Va26eH and Va26b also included Thunderbolt 3, but the latter model did not have a built in Thunderbolt 3 charger, which is why most users will likely find that their laptop is no longer compatible with the new version of Thunderbolt.

The new generation of Va27s, though, has a Thunderbolt 3 option built in, and Samsung has officially announced the release of the new Va27i, which was launched in late November.

This new model is based on the LG G2, which has Thunderbolt 3 ports built in and has a design that’s more similar to the LG V20, LG V10, and LG V7.

Samsung has not announced pricing for either the Va25e or Va27.

If you want to check out the full specs of the Va20, Va25, or Va26, we’ve got you covered.

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