More than two years after its launch, the Asus ZenBook UX490 remains the best-selling laptop of the year.

In a crowded market, the ZenBook is the most popular.

But the Zenbook is not the only product to have made its way into the top five.

This year, Asus is pushing the ZenPad as the best laptop of 2018.

The ZenPad is powered by the same quad-core Intel Core i7 processor as the ZenPro and has the same graphics capabilities.

It also runs the latest Nvidia Tegra X1 chip and has a new design, too.

This may seem like an odd comparison.

But for anyone looking to upgrade their current laptop or a smartphone, the ASUS ZenPad makes sense.

This is a device with a lot of specs.

The ASUS ZenBook has more processing power than its predecessor, and its GPU can support up to a quad-HD display, too, if you’re willing to spend the extra $1,200.

It has a faster processor, a faster GPU, and a larger battery.

The company is touting the Zenpad’s ability to play a variety of games, including many of the most recent AAA titles.

The Asus ZenPad does have its share of flaws, though.

The tablet-size design makes it difficult to fit a phone into it, and the laptop’s battery life is just average.

The notebook’s camera isn’t particularly impressive either.

However, Asus says it has improved its design and has added a fingerprint reader.

The device is also a bit heavier than it needs to be, though Asus says the weight will decrease in the future.

The main problem with the ZenDesk is that the laptop doesn’t have enough storage space to hold a lot more than a handful of files.

So if you want to store a bunch of photos or documents, the best option is probably to buy a smaller laptop.

Asus also announced a new version of its ZenBook Pro that is aimed at the business market, though it’s also meant for those who just want a smaller, lighter machine.

The $1 and $2 models of the ZenTablet Pro offer similar specs, but the $3 version of the laptop has a slightly higher price tag and has better performance.

Asus isn’t quite as focused on the business audience as it was with the previous ZenBook, though, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for a smaller machine that’s more than just a gaming machine.

Asus is also offering a new ZenBook X, which has an improved processor and the same specs as the previous model.

This model will be a slightly smaller machine, and it also ships with a fingerprint scanner.

Both models are expected to hit the market in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Asus, of course, has plenty of other products coming this year, including the ZenTV line of TVs and the ZenLite line of tablets.

You can read our review of the new ZenTablets and the new ASUS ZenDesk Pro.

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