With a price tag of $1,299, the Asus SonicMaster laptops are the most affordable laptop available in the US.

The Asus laptops are available in both the 16GB and 64GB configurations, and the laptops have a 13-inch 1080p display and a quad-core Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU.

Asus has also created a custom version of the SonicMaster for the Windows 10 version of Windows 10, which will be released on March 16th.

Read moreAt $1 and up, the Sonicmaster laptops are among the lowest prices available in either of the US’s two major cities.

The most affordable Dell laptop you can buy in the UK is the 14-inch Inspiron 15 7000K, which retails for £1,799.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is also £1k.

You can get the same laptop with a 13.3-inch touchscreen and a Core i5-8600U processor.

Dell, Dell’s other UK competitor, is offering the Inspiron 13 7000-series laptop, which is priced at £1.2k, while Lenovo’s 11-inch, 4K touchscreen version costs £1 for the 15-inch model and £1 on the 64GB model.

The Inspiron 14 7000-Series laptop is available in three configurations, the standard configuration, the Core i3-6320, and a 32GB configuration, while the Core 2 Duo Core i8-7300HQ is available with the 32GB option.

The 13-incher model, the most expensive of the three, retails at £959.

If you buy one of the two machines with the 64-bit Core i4-7100HQ processor, you’ll pay £999.

Both machines are also available with either the AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and 1600X processors.

Both Dell and Lenovo are also offering the Windows 8.1 Pro version of both laptops, which costs £799.

Dell’s 15-inchers will also come with the Windows Hello facial recognition system, while Microsoft’s Core i9-7900X processor is the only laptop that includes the Windows Phone 8.0 SDK.

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