Lenovo’s new Chromebooks will be available to buy from January, according to a blog post.

The Chromebooks come in three flavors: the Chromebook E4, Chromebook E5, and Chromebook E6.

The E4 is the standard Chromebook for businesses, while the E5 is aimed at business users who want a lower-cost laptop that can work from home.

The most affordable Chromebooks, the E6, are aimed at users who don’t want the higher price tag.

Lenovo’s blog post says that these new Chromebook models come in “a range of sizes” and that they’ll be available in the US, Europe, China, and Japan.

The blog post also says that the E4 and E5 Chromebooks are “the most affordable of the Chromebooks.”

Lenovo says that users will be able to purchase the Chromebook in “select” markets and “in a range of price points.”

The company is also working on a new line of Chromebooks called “Ultimate,” which is designed for business users.

Lenovo will be offering a range more competitively than the “Ultimate” model.

For example, the company is introducing the E7 and E8 Chromebooks in “three flavors,” which are the E8, E7, and E7 Ultimate, respectively.

Lenovo is also introducing the Chromebook C7 Chromebook, which is aimed for business and professional users.

The company also plans to launch a new Chromebook for professional users, which will be aimed at “business users with demanding schedules.”

Lenovo will also be introducing the Yoga Book 3 Pro, which uses a smaller, thinner laptop chassis than the Yoga line of laptops.

The Yoga Book series is also aimed at professional users and business users, as well as “customers looking for an ultraportable, lightweight laptop that works with multiple devices and delivers high-end performance.”

Lenovo is expected to unveil more details on the Chromebook lineup at a press conference on January 10.

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