ASUS has released a new monitor, the ASUS Zenfone 144hz.

This is the first IPS panel for gaming monitors, and ASUS has gone with a 144Hz refresh rate.

There is a built-in IPS panel with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, but it is not as high as the 2560×1440 IPS panels that come with many of the high-end gaming monitors on the market.

It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is also a 144hz refresh rate with a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz.

The Zenfones refresh rate is a little higher than the 2566 x 1440 IPS panels you might be used to from Acer, Asus, LG, Dell, or Asus, but the Zenfons are still pretty high quality IPS panels.

The panel is very responsive and has a low response time, but that is to be expected.

It also has a relatively low power consumption and the ASUS is still very cheap, at $249.

The Zenfon 144hz has a 120Hz refresh time, so it will be able to run most games at 60Hz.

The 144Hz screen is also an IPS panel, so you should be able for a decent gaming experience at 144Hz without any problems.

The ASUS has also put a built in backlight for those who are looking for more gaming performance.

The ASUS ZFON144hz is available now and will cost you $299.99, or $199.99 for a 144 Hz model.

We haven’t yet heard of a 144 hz IPS display from ASUS, but you can check out our reviews of the Asus Zenfoned 144hz and Zenfion 144hz for more information.

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