A new $500 Asus Chromebook C425 notebook is a bargain at $499, but you’ll have to shell out $500 for a full-sized laptop with its high-resolution display, 2TB of RAM, and Intel Core i7-6500U processor, if you’re after a laptop that can compete with the best in the industry.

The C425 has a 1080p display and a 15.6-inch QHD+ (3200 x 1800) panel, which is the same resolution as a 13-inch 1080p laptop, and it has an Intel Core M3 processor.

The display is bright and colorful, but its color accuracy is not great, so we’ll let the processor and display stand on their own merits.

There’s also a 2TB hard drive for your storage needs, but we’re not recommending buying a $500 laptop for storage.

It’s definitely a better value for the money than a $1,200 Dell Chromebook Pixel or a $2,500 Lenovo Yoga 3.

The Dell Chromebook 10 Pro is a much better value if you want a Chromebook with a more powerful processor and the same 1080p screen, but it comes with the same 15.4-inch screen and only runs Windows 10 Pro.

Dell is also offering a $300 price cut for the new C425.

Asus has also upgraded the Chromebooks keyboard and touchpad to Intel’s latest Cherry MX switches.

We think this upgrade is worth it if you like a higher-quality keyboard with a higher quality touchpad, and if you already own a Chromebook that has a keyboard and a touchpad that you love.

The Chromebook C425 will be available in February, and we will update this review when it is available in your area.

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