Microsoft will soon launch a new version of the Surface Pro tablet that will run on Intel processors, which are a major selling point for the Surface line.

The Surface Pro 12 tablet, which will be available in August, is expected to be cheaper than the Surface RT 11 and Surface Pro 10, but with a slightly thicker and heavier body.

Microsoft said it will be “smaller and lighter” than the previous Surface Pro, which is expected for later this year.

Microsoft said it plans to start shipping the new Surface to the US and Europe in the first half of 2017.

The company will launch the new tablet in September, but the company said it might delay the launch to September, because the new design was tested in an airplane.

The new Surface will be priced at $799, and Microsoft said the tablet will be more than “a little bit different” than other Surface devices in terms of design.

The company also said it was “delivering a much more powerful, and more powerful-feeling device” for a more affordable price.

Microsoft will likely offer the new device for $499, $549, and $699, respectively.

The new Surface is expected at a later date, though Microsoft didn’t give a specific date.

The upcoming Surface Pro will likely be a significant step forward for Microsoft.

The tablet will likely take the place of the recently discontinued Surface RT, which was announced in May as the successor to the Surface 10 Pro.

Microsoft also announced it will release a new tablet based on the Atom N270 processor.

The Atom N2730 is a dual-core processor based on ARM, which Microsoft uses for most of its Surface RT devices.

The Atom N275 is the processor Microsoft plans to use for its new Surface.

Microsoft launched the Surface tablet in January with a new design that was more like a laptop than a tablet.

The device had a 13.3-inch screen with a 720p resolution, a fingerprint sensor, and a fingerprint reader.

It also had an aluminum design, which made it harder to grip than previous Surface devices.

Microsoft also said that the new Windows 10 operating system was coming later this fall, which means that the Surface will not be available until the end of 2020.

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