Asus has officially released a fix for a USB-to-USB cable that caused several users to encounter an issue with their laptop’s wireless charging, according to a report from Computerworld.

The problem, which affected a wide range of laptops, was described as “somewhat rare,” and users were told that the cable was faulty.

The company told users that it would offer a free replacement if they wanted to do so.

Users who purchased an Asus wireless adapter that was damaged or replaced with a new one received a replacement.

Users reported that the problem affected their Dell laptops, as well.

However, the company did not offer a replacement for the defective cable, and it’s not clear whether the problem will be resolved with a firmware update.

The issue came to light after the company’s support staff asked users to send them the USB cable they purchased with the defective one, as the company had promised in its support forum to issue the fix.

Users on the forums reported that Asus had not responded to the customer’s inquiry.

Users also posted their experiences with the Asus wireless charger, saying they had been able to fix the problem by sending it back to the company for a new replacement.

The customer service representative told PCWorld that the company would issue a firmware patch to address the problem within a week.

“The issue is fixed and working as expected,” the representative said.

Users were able to return their USB cable by sending a new unit to the same address.

Asus also told PC World that it will provide free replacement cables to users who purchased a faulty wireless adapter.

“Please make sure that the wireless adapter you have is compatible with the charger, and that it has the correct cable connections,” the company said.

It also said that it was working with the manufacturer to fix any issues that might arise from the cable.

“We have confirmed that all wireless adapters that have been sold to date are compatible with Asus wireless chargers,” the spokesperson added.

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