Dell has introduced the first laptop that comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, and its the $2,299 Dell Latitude E15.

But the new model, the Dell Latitudes, aren’t just any old laptop.

Dell has made a significant step forward in its laptop lineup, launching the first model that features Intel’s seventh-generation Skylake CPU, the same architecture as the first-generation i7-7700K.

The Dell Latios are the first of the new generation of laptops to come with the new Skylake chip, which makes the new laptop a good bet for users who have a more demanding work schedule.

The Dell Latias are priced at $2.99, $3.99 and $5.99.

Dell says they are the “ultimate” laptop for the budget-conscious.

They also have a 2TB solid-state drive, but Dell says that is not an option for those looking for storage.

The Latias come with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card and a 16GB of RAM.

The new Dell Latios will be available starting in April, and will go on sale worldwide.

Intel’s new Skylanes have been around since September, and the company has released more new products in the past year.

But Intel is introducing its newest Core i5 chips, the new 7th-generation Core i9-7900X and the new 8th-gen Core i8-8300.

Those new chips are aimed at the budget segment, but there’s more for the more tech-savvy buyers.

The chips are Intel’s first 7th generation chips, which are more powerful than the 7th and 8th generation Intel chips.

They have more cores and the ability to double the amount of virtual cores in a processor.

Intel also has a new integrated graphics card, the Intel Iris Pro Graphics 540, which can drive 4K graphics.

The Iris Pro 540 can handle 1440p video and 4K images.

Dell’s new Dell laptops also come with Intel’s Wireless Display Technology.

The wireless Display technology is used to send images to the laptop, which is used for web browsing, messaging and entertainment.

The display also has the ability for the laptop to act as a virtual keyboard, allowing users to type quickly on a touchpad and then move their mouse to control the display.

The new Dell laptop comes with the Dell Wireless Display technology, which uses 802.11ac wireless technology to transmit images to a laptop screen.

Dell also has an optional optional webcam.

If you have a compatible Intel webcam, the webcam will be able to capture images and video.

The laptop also comes with a USB-C port, and Dell says it supports USB-Tethering, a feature that lets you charge your laptop from any USB port on your computer.

You can charge the laptop using a USB port or USB-to-C adapter.

Dell offers two USB-A ports, one for charging and one for transferring images.

The laptop also supports 802.15ac wireless, which will allow you to connect up to two wireless-enabled devices.

The Latias use a quad-core Intel Atom Z3760 processor, which means you get 4GB of memory.

It has two RAM slots and a 64GB internal storage, as well as a microSD slot.

The motherboard is based on the same 8th gen chip used in the new laptops, and it supports up to 32GB of DDR4 memory.

The notebook’s speakers are a bit louder than the Dell XPS 13.

Dell hasn’t released a specific price, but we are told the Latias will be priced at around $1,299.

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