Now playing: Here’s what you need for the latest tech news Now playing : Here’s the latest on the iPhone XS Max and LG V30, the first iPhone Xs Maxs, the iPhone 8 Plus, the Apple Watch Series 4 and moreNow playing: Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are finally hereNow playing : LG V10 review: The most amazing phones you can buyNow playing, Apple Watch: What you need in 2017Now playing Apple Watch Series 3 review: This is the best smartwatchEver since the Apple watch launched in 2016, it has been an icon of what the smartwatch industry is all about.

Now, the smartwatches are going to change the way we live and work.

But with all that comes some significant challenges: design, performance, price, battery life, charging, and more.

Apple Watch has always been about style, so we’ve created the best-looking smartwatch to ever grace the market.

But if you want the best Apple watch you can get, we have some serious competition, including the $1,199 LG V20 and the $399 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Plus.

We’ve done our homework and put together a list of the best options in each category.

Here are the features and features of the latest Apple Watch models:1.

OLED display: OLED displays are the new normal for smartwands, and Apple has managed to get it right.

OLED displays can display a range of colors, from the deep reds and oranges of LCDs to the richer greens and blues of OLED displays.

Apple’s new OLED display has a color gamut of up to 976,000 colors, which is just about the same as what you can find on a LCD.2.

The Apple Watch Sport: The Apple watch sports a new display that’s much bigger and brighter than ever before.

It has a 4:3 aspect ratio, with a larger font, and is also curved for a better fit with your wrist.3.

Apple Pay: Apple Pay is finally available to the public.

Apple has partnered with American Express and Chase, which will accept payments in Apple Pay on the AppleWatch.

You can buy Apple Pay directly from the Apple Store, or use your Apple Watch to pay at participating restaurants and bars.4.

An OLED display with 3D Touch: You can now have the best screen ever, thanks to a 3D touch display.

This feature lets you use your watch as a small, high-tech camera, and you can also tap the screen to record video and photos.

You also get to record voice memos, call a friend, and control music.5.

More apps: With the Apple Pay app, you can make purchases and more directly on the watch.

You get to make purchases using the watch as an app, and the watch also has the ability to be used as a wallet.6.

Siri on your wrist: You get Siri on the wrist for just $10.

You won’t have to wait for the next big update, Siri is now integrated into the watch, making it easy to control Siri on any device.7.

More customizable notifications: You also can now customize the way notifications appear on the Watch.

You just tap the notification and it will pop up in a notification center, where you can adjust the notifications that appear.8.

Better battery life: Apple has introduced an OLED display that has a larger display than a regular LCD, making the battery life much longer.

Apple also added an optional battery charger to improve the battery.9.

New Apple Watch app: The new Apple Watch App is designed to help you stay up to date on the latest news, apps, and events.

It offers a new way to get notifications and access apps directly on your Watch, and it’s also designed to work across iOS and Android devices.10.

Apple CarPlay: Apple CarPilot is now on the market and you get to choose between two different car services, one that offers you personalized driving and another that offers personalized navigation.

You’ll get to change these services and features as needed.11.

More storage options: Apple now offers two new storage options for the Apple Apple Watch, one for apps and one for files.

You now get four gigabytes (GB) of storage for files, and 128GB for apps.12.

Apple Music: Apple Music has also gotten a lot better.

Apple will now be making it easier to add songs to your playlists, including Apple Music for iOS, and its music library will be much bigger than before.13.

New watch face: You have the option of having your AppleWatch come in multiple colors.

If you want to be more stylish with your watch, you’ll be able to choose from several new watch faces.14.

New app: WatchOS 4.0 brings with it new apps for the Watch, including a new Apple Pay card reader, a new iPhone app called Watch OS, a redesigned

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