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Asus VivoMini VC65

The all-around high-performance mini PC

Compact mini PC dimensions and staggering performance, that's what you get with ASUS VivoMini VC65. Whether you're using it at home or at the office, VivoMini VC65 towers over the competition thanks to a versatile modular design that gives you a selection of storage and optical drive configurations* for improved data performance, productivity, and entertainment options. VivoMini VC65 is the world's smallest mini PC that can house up to four 2.5-inch storage drives*. With a desktop-grade 6th-generation Intel® Core™ processor, VivoMini VC65 has the power to handle a wide range of computing tasks. An embedded power adapter allows for a space-saving design, so it can be placed horizontally or vertically to offer you better placement options.

Versatile modular design with three configuration options

VivoMini VC65 has a versatile modular design that accepts 2.5-inch hard disk or solid state drives, and features three configuration options straight from the factory. VivoMini VC65 also holds the distinction of being the world's smallest mini PC that can accommodate up to four 2.5-inch storage drives*. This makes it ideal if you're looking for a computing platform for content creation, media production, or data storage. Models with two storage modules and an optical disc drive are ideal if you're looking for a mini PC for daily multitasking and entertainment; while dual-storage models are ideal for those looking for capable mini PC for work or play.

Supports up to four 2.5-inch SSDs or HDDs*

VivoMini VC65 supports up to four 2.5-inch solid state or hard disk drives. So whether you're after super-large storage capacities to house your movie or music libraries, a platform for multimedia content generation, or simply looking to speed up your operating system, VivoMini VC65 gives you the flexibility to mix and match storage option to find one that best suits your needs*.

Stunning graphics via DisplayPort, HDMI, or VGA

VivoMini VC65 gives you ultra-realistic 4K UHD visuals. It's ideal for a home theater set-up, allowing you to browse the web, view photos from your SD card, or watch movies in stunning clarity. You can connect VivoMini VC65 to several displays for more onscreen desktop space; you can even extend a single window across multiple displays. It works with any monitor, HDMI-equipped TV, or projector to give you a multitude of display options.

Optical drive options

Despite its compact 7.8 x 7.7 x 2.4 inch dimensions, there's ample room in VivoMini VC65 for an optional optical drive for added convenience and greater entertainment options.

Full connectivity

VivoMini VC65 has full connectivity features including four USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, a 4-in-1 card reader, an audio-output jack, as well as HDMI, DisplayPort++, VGA, and COM ports. It has the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and a Kensington lock for added security.

Stylish and compact easy-upgrade design

With its compact 2-liter chassis and a Zen-inspired spun-metal finish, the elegant VivoMini VC65 is ideal for any living space. An innovative embedded power adapter design helps save space, so you can place it vertically or horizontally for more placement options — you can even VESA mount it on a wall or on the back of a monitor. VivoMini VC65 has an easy-access slide-open chassis to make upgrading effortless. A barebones model is available too, so you can specify the operating system, memory card, or storage options to meet your needs.

Wireless entertainment at your fingertips

802.11ac Wi-Fi, together with the exclusive ASUS Media Streamer and Remote Go! apps, let you stream content or control VivoMini remotely. VivoMini VC65 comes with 100GB of ASUS WebStorage free for one year, so you can safely store and access your files in the cloud.


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